Bill Pay

Pay your bills the simple way with Online Bill Pay.  Eliminate the tedious task of writing and mailing checks each month, paying postage and possibly forgetting to pay your bills.  Let your computer do the work for you!  Make all your bill payments in just minutes from one screen.  All you need to enjoy Free Online Bill Pay is a checking account and Online Banking access.

To access Bill Pay, login to your online banking account and click on the Bill Pay Tab.  First time users will go through a a feature called Onboarding.  This process walks the user through each step of the Bill Pay process.  The onboarding process will only be visible if you have never set up a biller and scheduled a payment.

If you have any questions regarding Online Bill Pay, click on the Help link in the upper right corner of the online bill pay screen to access answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions about online bill pay, contact us.