Online Banking FAQs

General Online Banking Information

When you login for the first time to online banking, you will see the following tabs listed:
Overview, Account Access and Self Service.

The Overview Tab shows the balances for the first five accounts/sub accounts you may have. From this tab you can also make instant transfers and view alerts and notices and see any scheduled transfers you may have.

The Account Access Tab lists the account summary for all the accounts/sub accounts you have access to on your online banking. From this tab you can view history, make quick transfers, set up scheduled transfers and check on your online transfer history.

The Self Service Tab allows you view and send secure mail, view alerts, change security information, sign up for eStatements and customize your online banking.

Viewing Account History

From the Overview or Account Access Tab, click on the account number that you would like to view transaction history. Your account history and information for the account will be displayed. To view additional history, click on the more button. Two years of history is available for each account.

Downloading Data

Once you have accessed the account information history and displayed the history you want downloaded, click on the Export link listed at the top of history page header. Choose the transactions you want to export. Click on the Export button next to the file format you want (QIF for Quicken and CSV for Excel). You can export up to two years of history.

Scheduling Transfers

From the Account Access Tab, click on Transfer Funds listed below the tab. In the Scheduled section set up automatic transfers between accounts or set up automatic loan payments. Not all accounts are available for scheduled transfers, such as IRA accounts and special minor accounts.